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sting in maryland snares a retailer trying to cash in someone else's ticket worth $10,000. i'm jeff hager. i'll have that story coming up. >> it's not the bromo tower or artwork in front of the train station. no, it's a holy antenna at holy cross. we're going to drop in to learn more about no more dropouts. and capital punishment. lawmakers are talking about chances of repealing the death penalty. the senate president says this has no chance. a statewide sting lands some lottery retailers behind bars for trying to claim their customers' winnings. a story we first broke on line this morning. investigators posing as players were told they lost. then as jeff hager tells us the people behind the counter who tried to cash the tickets to try to make themselves instant winners. >> reporter: you can try to buy a maryland lottery ticket here at ross package liquors in dundalk but investigators have shut them down. after charging owner melissa stone with trying to steal a customer's winning ticket worth
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$10,000. >> that's a situation where we have people taking advantage of people. >> you don't have a great chance of winning but if you ever get the lucky moment you would like to feel it's your time. >> reporter: acting on an anonymous tip a lottery investigator entered the store with a scratchoff ticket last month and asked her to confirm it as a winner. in spite of the lottery machine lighting up displaying "winner" and sounding a loud celebratory noise stone allegedly told them it was a loser only to head to lottery headquarters a few hours later to try to cash it in. >> we're not enticing a retailer to steal from the public. they make that decision. >> reporter: the lottery director says with the integrity of the games and for that matter the state at stake investigators put retailers to the test, the honesty test to ensure everything is above board. >> i think that retailers are aware and i think they are surely going to be aware after this story airs this is a program of the maryland lottery to make sure people are acting
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consistent with the integrity standards that we set forward, consistent with the license they hold. >> reporter: lottery investigators say stone wasn't the only one who tried to cash in someone else's winning ticket. in fact they say there were a dozen retailers stretching from frederick to the eastern shore who all got caught. in stone's case someone reported to the lottery that they suspected she was stealing winnings. the police say it was her bid to join the big winners that finally brought her down. in baltimore county, jeff hager, abc2 news. >> retailers make a nickel on every dollar they receive selling lottery tickets and 3% of any winnings. some of the most popular businesses sell as much as $100,000 worth of tickets a week. all right lottery players and lovers let's go to our web site, abc2 news now. what do you think is the appropriate punishment for someone who steals winning lottery tickets from their rightful owners? have you ever wondered if it ever happened to you? i think in jeff hager's reports
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i think we learned, when the machine lights up, you know you're a winner. you can leave your comments on our facebook page now at the man police believe is the so-called east coast rapist is now indicted on charges in virginia. a loudoun county grand jury indicted 3-9d-year-olds aaron thomas with charges pushable by life in prison. thomas is accused in 17 attacks over 14 years. at least one of the alleged attacks happened here in maryland. he was arrested in connecticut earlier this month. brian chad gifford of westminster will reportedly be sentenced in june for sexually abusing a toddler. the 24-year-old gifford worked out a plea deal in which he pleads not guilty, agrees not to challenge the state's evidence against him. the victim's mom told police she found gifford and her daughter in a shower at his house. the state said as they plan to put gifford him away for a long time. and emotional farewell for
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seven children. the seven siblings were killed when their home caught fire in blaine, pennsylvania last week, laid to rest today. the children range in age from 9 months to 11. we're told neither parent spoke at the funeral. a 3-year-old girl was able to escape and tried to get help but it was too late. the death penalty is the most extreme punishment in our state justice system saved for the most extreme offenders. there's a push to have it repealed but it may not be enough. we hear tonight from a man sentenced to death row for a crime he didn't commit. kelly swoope has more. >> reporter: this is really a hot button issue. one that gets real complicated. there's a growing number of convicted death row inmates who were cleared by dna evidence. those fighting against capital punishment say they have more support than ever before. but it's still not enough to pass a bill that would stop it altogether. today lawmakers on both sides of the issue put some important
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testimony from someone who spent time on death row, dna set him free. he says the chance there are more like him should be enough to get rid of the punishment. >> i have to tell you that getting rid of the death penalty is a good thing. it's going to help people. one thing for sure, if you don't have it, you can't execute an innocent person. >> reporter: there's currently a moratorium on the death penalty in maryland so it's not off the books altogether but it's on hold. we'll let you know what happens. back to you. new images tonight of the aftermath of an explosion at the nuclear reactor in japan. you can see some of the smoke riseing in the reactor. in fact there's now a no-fly zone over a 20-mile radius around the plant and people living in the area are also being told to seal themselves in their own homes. so far it's about 140,000 people. in an effort to send relief to
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japan the archbishop is calling on all catholic churches in this area to hold a special collection for earthquake victims. and we're getting new reaction from salisbury. a woman there teaching english in japan, one of the hardest hit areas by the earthquake. we've mapped it out. actually, the board is in -- a couple of hundred miles northeast of tokyo, one of the hardest hit areas by the earthquake. she told us today we have no electricity or heat but we have well water and gas to purify the water. we are experiencing gasoline shortages so i cannot leave but we are thankful we are safe from the reactors at least. cell phone reception has been out until tonight. we're hoping to return to northerly -- normalcy in a week or two. that is from japan. on the weather front we've just seen clouds increasing but now some rain that was locked up in the virginia, western maryland, now moving into
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baltimore. here's that shower we've been watching as it makes its move toward the city. moving into the south and west first, places like catonsville getting rain now. also back through glen burnie and up through the city itself, federal hill, downtown, etc. we do look for rain to continue to move into knows areas. satellite and radar cloudy across the area, as the storm just begins to move into the area. it's going to be overcast the rest of the evening. showers to the west and through the day tomorrow we'll look for weather to change through the day so this temperature likely to warm up after that rain clears in the morning. we have more details coming up. we have seen antennas poking off the highway on top of mountains, big buildings. even made to look like trees, this one has a higher calling. abc2 news lamont williams with the story that is loud and clear tonight. >> reporter: the holy cross church in federal hill has been a fixture since 1858. it has served the community in many ways. and 200-foot steeple with bells
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has been used to call many to mass. now the steeple is being ousted to make calls of a different kind. >> our ancestors here built this church steeple, would have never imagined that 150 years later, with the advancement of communication well beyond town cryers and church bells ringing that this steeple would be an even wider means of communication through the efforts of at&t. >> reporter: at&t will be replacing that antenna in the steeple to boost its coverage. with the baltimore grand prix and expected crowd of over 100,000 coming up at the end of the summer the current system will be overwhelmed so at&t sought and found a partner. >> we're putting a cell site in this 150-year-old steeple. this wonderful church. we're really excited about what this is going to deliver for baltimore and the federal hill area. >> reporter: the agreement between holy cross church and at&t is a unique one. normally wireless carriers would have to build and construct their own towers but this gives at&t the use of an
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existing structure without creating a eyesore. >> i really appreciate at&t's efforts to minimize the advise visual impact of these infrastructure in our historic community. >> reporter: but has the church crossed the line by allowing corporations to operate within the walls of a building considered sacred? >> the parishes struggle financially and at&t has been very cooperative and collaborative in helping us preserve our church, keeping it open and without disturbing any of the architectural structure or even the sacredness of it. >> the alternative would be no coverage or big tower next to the church. >> reporter: parishioners won't be able to see the new technology and the original use of the steeple calling people to worship won't be lost in the improved calls on your cell phone. in federal hill, i'm lamont williams, abc2 news. >> lamont tells us the antenna should be up and running by the time the grand prebegins. we'll be tracking that. the story of the three
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little bears, one revision. one big bear and cubs hiding under a deck in deep creek. the problem is the people living in the house attached to the deck didn't feel comfortable. and switched place was goldilocks. so tomorrow night, 6:00, we're going to tell you how authorities were able to move the bear without hurting it or its cub. again, that will be tomorrow night at 6:00. come back for this story. we need a catchy slogan. how about, we now have pf chang's, start making memories again. towson looking for a slogan to bring you back. and tonight we salute the oldest living marine. we caught up with him at the golden corrale in rosedale. >> impressive. 50 degrees at bwi marshall
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today. a little below average, we guarantee 52 today. within our 2-degree guarantee. so ken, you're our winner, you get an abc2 news storm umbrella. rain moving into the city. details coming up.
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is it on allegany or chesapeake? the towson circle -- we're going to leave that to the marketing experts. that's where you come in. towson is looking for a few good words about its nice little town. and roosevelt leftwich is a wordsmith himself. what is your best? >> i'll save it for later. towson has a lot of good things.
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everybody should try to get on with this. i don't want to spoil it for anybody. towson has shopping, a university, very nice homes. now needs a slogan. the towson area chamber of commerce is offering a prize for a slogan that would capture the essence of this nice place. it's got a university, some of the best shopping, the center of county government, also cool neighborhoods, nice homes and nice people. now it wants a slogan to somehow tie it all together. the chamber of commerce says that by coming up with the unifying theme a zinger of a slogan that encompasses all that towson is, it will help sell the community and by selling the community business leaders say it can continue to grow and prosper. >> we're looking for something under eight words, short and sweet is always best. and whatever keeps you warm and fuzzy. >> reporter: something that makes you say that's it. >> that's it. we'll know, >> reporter: to submit a slogan send it to the towson chamber of commerce via e-mail before april 15th.
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it will earn the creator $250 and big announcement at the year's spring fest. for more information go to ok, jamie, here it is, towson, center of the universe, baby! how's that? >> that's good. >> i think that's good. >> better than a scratchoff lottery ticket. >> i won $2 50. >> that's what they are paying. >> reporter: and they announce it at the spring fest. stay with me here, we ask facebook friends about a good slogan. you vote. >> i'll vote. >> pretty good suggestions. from kyle, harvard on the patapsco. >> don't like that one. >> how about this one? the place where dreams are made into reality. >> that's a little much. don't you think? >> and ed writes in, education, family, friends, norman rockwell at its best. >> not bad but the norman rockwell part, maybe put that out. >> my town, our town, your town, towson. >> i tell you what.
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let's see what the contestants say and maybe we'll see who gets the $250. how about let's go to weather in towson now with wyett? that's eight words. >> reporter: towson? take a trip around our circle? play on the t's there? take a trip to towson? around the sickle. i don't know. rain moving into towson now so it's good timing with all the slogan action. yeah, from towson back through baltimore, rain coming in now, and hey, i tell you what, it's definitely going to be a preaf -- brief round of wet weather here, then drying south and west. we'll keep an eye on maryland's most powerful doppler radar. we need just the right twist on that towson slogan. we'll see. right now temperature-wise 49 degrees, winds southeast at 6, and barometric pressure 30.32 and holding steady. though there is active weather
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moving in and there are some showers downtown now the rain started out west today toward deep creek lake. you see the wet weather there, no snow indicating that change to springlike weather. ellicott city, cloudy and now finally some rain kind of dousing the roads, at our lady of perpetual help. highs struggling to get to 50 in most spots, thanks to bait of a breezy and a bit of a breezy and cloudy scenario through most of the afternoon. temperatures now in the upper 40s. 46 hagerstown. 59 at the beach. 52 easton. 49 at the beach. mid-30s to the west. neighborhood by neighborhood tomorrow -- we'll see rain overnight into the morning. we think we clear it out by afternoon so 58 hunt valley. in the afternoon, 60 at the inner harbor. tomorrow, look at forest hill, 57. and 58 aberdeen. morning showers changing over to a partly sunny afternoon or at least a mix of sun and clouds. none of that tonight. we go downhill for the next
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probably six to 10 hours here. a wreaf round of showers, then more of a steady rain coming in with the main storm system out west. you see the center of circumstance -- circulation on this particular storm. this area will continue to move east. there's a second low south of it. bottom line, the whole ball of wax comes through, warmer air will be coming in behind this system so we warm up in the wake of this rain system, thursday and especially friday. rain toward 11:00, gets steadier, probably a wet morning commute because we don't really think we clear the rain out until 7:00, 8:00. it should be nothing more than a shower or two through 6:00 tomorrow. we dry out during the day tomorrow, we clear the skies tomorrow night. st. patrick's day, looks like a ton of sunshine and great weather for the festivities. rain late, gets heavier towards dawn tomorrow. that morning rain will end and by midday i think we'll see at least some breaks in the clouds. we'll still have a mostly
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cloudy day, clearing skies will show up tomorrow night. on the 7-day forecast, again, the outlook is great, i mean, thursday, st. patrick's, 64. 75 and partly cloudy on friday. low 60s through the weekend. coldest day on the map is going to be sunday, the first day of spring, which starts sunday evening. monday will be the first full day of spring but again we'll watch the rain as it continues to move in tonight. you can always check it out at let's head to jamie costello. what is the latest? i'm sure you have your i-pad at the ready. >> i got it here. you know the envelopes you get from val pak in the mail? it's on your i-pad. and szechuan house, look, three hours. $5 off entry. if you click back, we can go to dining, we have beauty, all the categories. you want to go to shops. let's go to shops.
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val pak, bill's carpets, greetings and readings. these are all on your i-pod waiting for you. what else? shops, auto. what else? tires plus. total care package. so all these coupons are right now on your i-pad. we're saving you more money. an app a day keeping the debt away. kelly, top that. >> green too on the i-pad. a look at what is coming up at 11:00 -- everybody knows this. times are tough so most of us are saving every penny we can. you can imagine how upset a couple was when they got a water bill with a few too many zeros on the end. why they are now battling not just the water company but the city as well. and, a major scientific breakthrough. they cloned justin bieber! not quite. but there's a duplicate bieber out there. where you can check him out. that and more plus the complete forecast
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at 11:00.
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submarine corps has the oldest official sopping in the u.s. military -- song in the u.s. military and we believe we found the oldest living marine in the country. we found him today at the golden corral in rosedale. his name is richard james
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reinhardt, he's 103 years old. if you don't believe him then card him! >> i've been an employee here for 10 years. i've been waiting on mr. reinhardt probably for the past 10 years. he comes in, in the morning for breakfast. >> the day he came in with his girlfriend. he's dating a younger woman. 103 years old, mr. reinhardt! how about that? that's great. we're still getting calls about the towson slogan. towson, not toeson. >> people from the area -- from outside of the area. negative. no. quick check of the radar. still a little rain moving in. passing shower through perry hall now, going to head up i-95 through bel air and hunt valley. main rain overnight tonight. watch for a wet commute in the morning. >> diane sawyer next up at 6:30 live from japan on "world news tonight."
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